Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Need a Patch????

This listing represents patches available for letterboxing in different areas of the country. This page contains only those areas that have contacted us and have given us permission to display their respective patches and contact info.

If you would like your area represented, please email us with a jpeg attached of your patch, contact info, etc. and we'll be glad to include it!

k the image to see a larger size!

Newboxers Talk List

Contact: Mark Pepe

To order, send $3 per patch, along with a SASE (1 stamp for every 2 patches ordered) to:

Mark Pepe
75 Norton Road
Kensington, CT 06037-2918

Letterboxing Northeast (LbNE)

Contact: Jean Cote (Wolfy)


To order the patch pictured, please send $2 per patch along with a SASE (1 stamp for every 2 patches)

Letterboxing Great Lakes

Contact: Wisconsin Hiker

Please check out this website for info!

Letterboxing Pacific Northwest

Contact: Funhog

To order patches, send $2 and a SASE to:

KL Sinizer
PO Box 12284,
Portland, OR 97212

Letterboxing Cape Cod

Contact: CapeCodLetterboxer


Patches are $3.50 each with shipping included for the first 2 patches

Letterboxing North America

Please check out this webpage for more info!

Central MA Letterboxing

Contact: Deanne "The Lazy Letterboxer"


Letterboxing Ontario

Contact: Norasta


Letterboxing Texas

Contact:Barefoot Lucy

Patches are $2 each
Please put "Patches" in the subject line of your email

Letterboxing Tennessee

Contact: Wendell Jones
1131 Cason Lane
Murfreesboro, TN 37128

Letterboxing Central Florida

Contact: Three Hearts

Patches are $2 each

Blue Diamond Letterboxer

Please check out this webpage for more info!

Plants & Finds Merit Badges

Please check out this webpage for more info!

Letterboxing Podcast


Patches are $3 each
(includes shipping &

Oklahoma Letterboxing

Contact: Melody Belmer

Send $2 (includes postage) per patch along with a self-addressed envelope to:
Melody Belmer, HC 60 Box 1, Osage, OK 74054

Letterboxing Massachusetts

Contact: The Merry Pranksters

Patches are $2 each

Grateful Letterboxers

Contact: The Merry

Patches are $3 each

Letterboxing New York

Contact: The Sprite & The Highlander

Please send $2 per patch along with a SASE (1 stamp for every 2 patches) OR Paypal $2 per patch plus $1 shipping & handling
(Contact via email above for mailing info or Paypal address.)

California Letterboxing

Contact: Tydans

$2 per patch. Email Tydans for further info.

Maine Letterboxing

Contact: Gargoyle Girl & Kollaps (Jen & Bob Farrell)

To order, send $2 per patch with self-addressed, stamped envelope with 1 stamp per 2 patches to:
Jen & Bob Farrell
PO Box 1005
Berwick, ME 03901

Super Boxer Patch

Contact: Buggylou

A Way to thank others that have helped you maintain or rescue your letterboxes.

Patches are $3.00 each

Real Boxing Buddies Patch

Contact: Karen N K9s

$3 each with self-addressed stamped envelope. One stamp for every 2 patches.
Paypal payment, add $1 for every 1 to 3 patches ordered.
AQ mail me for availability, or for Paypal address.

Karen Meschino, 30 Paddock Farm Road
Brewster, NY 10509

Letterboxing Southwest

Please check out this webpage for more info!

Letterboxing Indiana

Contact: The Toadfrogs

Patches are $3 each and can be purchased by sending a SASE to:

Kelly Hallam, 9710 New Harmony Road, Evansville, IN 47720

Letterboxing Washington

Contact: Camp Fire Lady

Patches are $3 each. Send SASE (3 patches per stamp)
Click "Camp Fire Lady" above for more information